Putin stresses for stability in region on phone call with Netanyahu, Hezbollah warns Israel

On Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke over phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and stressed for ensuring stability in the region amid ongoing ‘operation Northern Shield’ launched by Israeli military last week.

On Sunday, Kremlin said in a statement about the phone call between the two leaders that was initiated by Israeli PM Netanyahu, “The president of Russia stressed the importance of ensuring stability in the region”. Both leaders also discussed to improve military cooperation in Syria.

Israeli military launched ‘operation northern shield’ to destroy the tunnels dug by Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah saying that tunnels penetrate into Israeli territories and poses threat to its national security and sovereignty.

Hezbollah has warned Israel of appropriate response if Israel attacks Lebanon. Hezbollah’s second in command told to Tehran based al-Vefagh newspaper that not a single point in Israel is safe from Hezbollah’s missiles.

He told newspaper in remarks published on Sunday, “There is not a single point in the occupied territories out of reach of Hezbollah’s missiles”.

He said, “The Zionists cannot tolerate such a high level of threats in confrontation with Hezbollah, which is why they have no motive for entering another war with Lebanon”.

Qassem said that Hezbollah has developed enough deterrence capabilities that prevent Israel from launching a war against Lebanon.

He said, “Even when they threaten they say, ‘If Hezbollah attacks us’ they will react, because the rules of engagement created in Lebanon by Hezbollah have made it very difficult for Israel to even consider launching a war against Lebanon”.

Earlier Lebanese Ambassador to UN, Amal Mudallali blamed Israel for hacking telecommunication network of Lebanon, in a letter sent to the UN Security Council and urged to take necessary measures to confront the campaign launched by Israel.

The letter said, “That campaign is being accompanied by a number of extremely serious acts, of which the most recent is that Israel has breached the Lebanese communications grid by hacking into the telephone network and sending recorded messages to peaceable civilian inhabitants of the southern part of the village of Kfar Killa warning them of imminent explosions to take place on Lebanese territory that might put their lives at risk”.

Mudallali said, “Take all measures necessary to confront this systematic campaign being waged by Israel and Israel’s ongoing violations of Lebanese sovereignty, which are a threat to the security and stability of the entire region”.

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