Rahul Gandhi confused about his religion: Sushma Swaraj slams Congress chief

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Saturday, attacking the Congress president, Swaraj said that Rahul Gandhi is confused about his religion and caste. The statement was see in response to Rahul Gandhi’s assertion that Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not understand the “foundation of Hinduism.”

“Rahul Gandhi said the prime minister doesn’t know the meaning of being a Hindu. He said that because he and the Congress are confused about his religion and caste. For years, the party presented him as a secular leader, but with polls nearing, when they realised that Hindus are in a majority, they created this image,” ANI quoted Swaraj as saying.

“Earlier, he had stated that he is a janeudhari Brahmin. But I did not know that there has been such an increase in the janeudhari Brahmin’s knowledge that we have to learn the meaning of being Hindu from him. I pray to God that the day should never come when we have to learn the meaning of being Hindu from Rahul Gandhi,” she further said.

The Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad was also seen taking a jibe at Gandhi by calling him a ‘confused Gandhi.’ According the the former, Gandhi is not a Hindu by commitment, he is a Hindu by political consideration.

Earlier on Saturday, Rahul had said in Rajasthan’s Udaipur “What is the essence of Hinduism? What does the Gita say? That knowledge is with everybody, knowledge is all around you. Every living being has knowledge. Our prime minister says he is a Hindu but he doesn’t understand the foundation of Hinduism. What kind of a Hindu is he?”

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