Rajasthan preparing for queue less voting during 2018 Assembly elections

In the upcoming Assembly elections in Rajasthan in the end of the November special arrangements will be made at polling booths for women and senior citizens. Tents or other shadowy arrangements will be made by the government for voters to sit till the number comes to vote, while sitting they will be able to wait for their turn. Along with this, feeding of small children will be arranged, to keep women, grandchildren and senior citizens apart from the queue, tokens will be provided.

Mothers, who are feeding young children, nurses and senior citizens, will not need to wait or stand in lines. They will be given a facility to cast their vote without any queue. In order to create separate booths for women at large places, instructions have already been issued to the District Election Officers.

Tents or shady arrangements will be made at all 51,796 booths. All the voters coming to the booth will be given a token there. In this, the tokens will be called to cast votes in groups of five or ten. This arrangement will continue in this sequence.

Queue less voting has been used in Karnataka before. Having made this the basis, it has been practiced in Rajasthan to implement this system. Recently, Election Commissioner Sunil Arora, in a meeting, discussed this and advised to implement it. They also instructed not to limit it to the papers but to implement in proper way.

Accordingly, this action plan has been given in a figured form. Deputy Chief Electoral Officer of the Election Department Vinod Pareek told that everyone has been made aware about this in the workshop for Nodal officers. The expenditure on this is being assessed.

Two volunteers will be present at every booth who will help senior citizens and physically handicapped people to take them to the voting machine at the booth. These will be the volunteer NCC cadets or scout guides. Other NGOs are also considering collaboration for this.

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