Rajnath Singh says, terror and peace talks cannot go together

Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that terror and peace talks cannot go together and only democracy can solve the problem of Jammu and Kashmir. He appealed the people of Jammu & Kashmir to participate in the festival of democracy.

Singh was in Jammu-Kashmir to review the security situation and he also met with the leaders of BJP, National conference, People’s Democratic Party and Congress and urged them to participate in the ongoing elections in Jammu.

Singh also said that each panchayat in the state will get 60-70 lakh Rupees to spend for their own development. He said that government is working to engage the youth of J&K in national activities for this Home Ministry alone is creating around 11000 jobs.

When asked about Pakistani Prime Minister’s remarks on Jammu-Kashmir, Singh said, “Pakistan sponsors and promote terrorism. Terror and dialogue cannot go together. India had made several efforts to engage Pakistan. Our Prime Minister broke all protocols and went there. Why did he go there? It is a neighboring country and there should be good relationship with neighbors. But they didn’t take any positive steps. They are resorting to terrorism. Let me make it clear that their plans won’t be successful”.

Singh added, “Through democracy we can tackle the biggest problems and solve the biggest issues. The path of democracy can resolve many issues and problems. I appeal people should participate in this festival of democracy. Those who don’t believe in democracy are not concerned about the security and prosperity of people… I have appealed to all the political parties to participate in these elections and I believe that they will”.

Minister said, “The day when the Dal Lake will change, you will see a lot of things changing around. J&K couldn’t become a developed state since independence and we are trying to push it into the ranks of developed states of the India”.

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