RSS affiliates ask govt to take action against the missionaries who aided American evangelist killed by Sentinel Island tribe

The RSS affiliates, Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram and Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP) have asked the government to look into the nexus of officials and evangelicals and to take the action against them. The saffron affiliates planned a rally and to meet with Home Minister Raj Nath Singh on December 1 to protect the culture of Andaman & Nicobar tribes.

Days ago an American evangelist, John Allen Chau was killed by the tribes of Sentinel Island. ABVP said in its letter that Chau could have been a spy and demanded for a high level enquiry in the matter and asked to punish those who aided him.

The RSS affiliates approached tribal affairs minister Jual Oram and said in their letter, “The intrusion of foreigners in the reserved areas of A&N islands has increased, particularly those having religious motives”.

It said, “The tribal groups of these islands, except the Nicobaris, practice primitive animism (Hinduism). The Christian missionaries, therefore, find it easy to exploit the cultural vulnerability of these tribes and, in evangelical zeal, go all out to convert them to Christianity”.

The letter added, “The intelligence agencies operating in the islands have failed in their duty. The ABVP demands a high-level enquiry into the matter and to check the conduits of the missionaries who aided him must be charged under sedition”.

It said, “Chau could have been a spy whose death needs to be ascertained as soon as possible”.

A dossier of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram mentioned that the A&N tribes have culture and traditions much similar to Hinduism and celebrate the similar type of festivals.

The dossier said, “Much similarity in the customs followed by the greater Andamani and Jarawas tribes and the Hindus”.

It said, “They worship the spider because they believe the creator is the destroyer. In mid-February, during Magh, they have an all-night celebration and worship, similar to Shivratri”.

It added, “When the tsunami struck, they went to the higher plains and some to the forests and saved themselves while others died. They are adim Jan Jati who are losing their traditional knowledge and getting influenced because of tourists and settlers”.

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