RSS and VHP to gather 2 lakh workers in Ayodhya for Dharm Sabha on Ram temple

Rashtriya Swamsewak Sangh (RSS) and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) are preparing for VHP’s Dharm Sabha in Ayodhya on Sunday, November 25. Both RSS and VHP are supposed to gather about 2 Lakh workers in Ayodhya for Dharm Sabha.

A Senior RSS Pracharak from Varanasi said, “Around 1,322 buses and 1,546 four-wheelers will ferry 80,000 workers. Alongside will be 14,000 workers on motorcycles, and 15,000 workers will reach Ayodhya by train — the bulk from UP”.

Special security arrangements have been made by the government considering the safety of minority communities in the area and to maintain the peace. Several companies of paramilitary forces, RAF and Provincial Armed Constabulary are on duty.

Shiv Sena also claimed that it is sending 3000-4000 sainiks from thane by five special trains and expecting that its 22 MPs and 62 MLAs would attend the Dharm Sabha. Both VHP and Shiv Sena are taking the responsibility of their supporters.

This time Shiv Sena is calling the slogan “Pahle Mandir Phir Sarkar” and VHP is calling “Mandir Jaldi Banayenge” instead of “Mandir Wahin Banayenge”.

A RSS functionary said that this would be the last Dharm Sabha in Ayodhya and then there would be “no more Dharm Sabhas, and construction of Ram temple would begin”.

On Friday, BJP MP from Salempur Ravindra Kushwaha said that BJP is going to introduce the bill for construction of Ram temple in next Parliament session starting from December 11.

Kushwaha said, “The Bill for Ram temple construction will definitely be tabled in the coming winter session of Parliament, beginning December 11”. He said, “But if it fails to get passed by the Rajya Sabha, an ordinance will be brought for the purpose”.

Earlier RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat asked government to enact law for construction of Ram temple, that was widely supported by VHP and Shiv Sena.

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