Russia says, it rejects unilateral US sanctions against Iran

On Saturday, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia said that Russia will not accept the unilateral sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran and urged US to revise the policy of sanctions aimed at Iran immediately.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia said in a statement, “We reject any unilateral sanctions bypassing UNSC decisions, especially when they are applied extra-territorially and concern the interests of third countries, as is the case with US restrictions against Iran”.

It said, “If Washington, as it claims, is indeed interested in negotiations with Tehran, the policy of sanctions pressure aimed at diminishing Iran’s economic and defense potential as well as undermining the internal political situation there must be revised immediately”.

The statement said that the US sanctions are undermining the efforts of signatories of JCPOA in keeping it alive and expressed deep disappointment and increasing concern over US efforts to scrap the treaty of Non-Proliferation of Nuclear weapons. It said that JCPOA is proof of peaceful nature of Iranian nuclear program.

The statement said, “The United States has now dealt another powerful blow to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, bringing it closer to collapse while hypocritically talking about the need to strengthen it”.

It said, “The verification and control measures provided for in the Action Plan are applied in full. This in itself is reliable proof of the peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program”.

In the statement the Russian Ministry urged the international community to not follow US that violates international laws openly and pledged to do necessary to cooperate with Iran despite US sanctions.

It said, “Such a significant achievement of international diplomacy to collapse at the whim of just one nation, which openly violates the norms of international law”.

It added, “We will do everything necessary to preserve and expand international trade and economic and financial cooperation with Iran despite the US sanctions”.

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