Russia says, militants in Syria preparing to stage false chemical attack

On Wednesday, October 31, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said that militants of Islamic Party of Turkestan had transferred 20 containers with 10 liters of chlorine each from city of Maarrat al-Nu’man that were unloaded in Kafr Nabl and al-Hawash and are set to stage a chemical attack.

Konashenkov said, “Local residents reported to the Russian Reconciliation Center that this group of White Helmets searched for residents who would like to take part in staged video footage in exchange for food”.

Konashenkov alleged that White Helmets organization for supporting the militants for making the video of false attack and for supporting the militants. He said that some special radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance vehicles have been deployed near demilitarized zone in Idlib to access the situation.

He said, “Just yesterday, residents of Aleppo province received information about the training for the next such action by militants”.

He added, “To carry it out, members of the White Helmets organization with professional video equipment arrived in the Azaz, Marea and al-Rai settlements; containers with toxic substances were also delivered, presumably it was chlorine”.

Konashenkov said, “Russian military experts are closely monitoring the situation. Six special radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance vehicles have been deployed to Russian posts in the immediate vicinity of the demilitarized zone in Idlib province. The combat units of these machines will regularly assess the radiation, chemical and biological situation”.

Earlier in month of April this year a chemical attack took place in Douma city of Syria after that US and allies blamed Assad regime for the attack and launched a limited missile attack on Syria.

US have warned that if Chemical weapons are used against civilians in Syria then US and allies will take hard and swift action against Syrian regime and its forces.

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