Russia warns US against limited nuclear war concept, cites US nuke policy irresponsible and dangerous

On Thursday, November 08, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that US nuke policy is irresponsible and very dangerous and US is seriously considering the concept of a limited nuclear war.

Maria Zakharova told reporters, “Voices have been getting louder in the United States that seeks to increase the role of nuclear weapons and expand the possibilities of the US nuclear arsenal”. She said that US is justifying the expansion of nuclear weapons by resorting to the “mythical Russian threat”.

Earlier the former deputy assistant secretary of defense for strategy and force development, Elbridge Colby has warned that Trump’s plan to increase nuclear arsenals shows US’ preparation to carry out a “limited nuclear operations against specific targets”.

On Colby’s warning, Zakharova asked, “I want a clarification: where would these limited operations be carried out? On what continent would this strategy be fulfilled, if it was fulfilled?”

She said, “Using nuclear weapons in pinpoint attacks is tantamount to playing with the devil”.

Russia-US relations are at lowest since cold war era and tensions have risen after US President Donald Trump announced last month that he is considering to pull out of Inter-mediate Range Nuclear Force Treaty (INF). Trump accused Russia of violating the agreement and vowed to develop more nuclear weapons.

INF was signed in 1987 at the end of the cold war era between the Presidents of the United States and Russia. Under the treaty it was agreed between the two nuclear powers that missiles of range from 500 km to 5500 km will not be deployed and both countries will limit the development of inter-mediate range missiles.

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