Shiv Sena asks BJP government to declare the date for construction of Ram temple

On Friday, Shiv Sena asked said that there no Ram raj now but Supreme Court raj and asked BJP government to bring the ordinance and to declare the date for the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya.

In an editorial of party’s mouth piece ‘Saamna’, Sena said that its ‘sainiks’ destroyed Babur’s raj in 1992 in Ram Janmbhoomi and suggested the government to be proud of those sainiks.

The editorial said, “There is no Ram raj there now, but the raj of the Supreme Court. However, in 1992, Balasaheb’s Shiv Sainiks had destroyed Babur’s raj in Ram Janmabhoomi. Instead of being scared and jealous of such Sainiks, those in power should be proud of them”.

Shiv Sena asked government to declare the date of construction of temple and warned if Ram temple is not constructed then in 2019 BJP may face difficulties to come back into power.

The editorial said, “Why did those, who call themselves pro-Hindutva, start getting a stomach ache when we announced our plans of going to Ayodhya? We are not going there for political purposes”.

It said, “We ask you once again, why you don’t declare a date for the construction of the Ram temple? If the issue of Ram temple goes out of your hands, in 2019, apart from your ‘rozi-roti’ (livelihood), many people’s tongues too will become handicapped”.

Earlier RSS chief asked the government to enact the law to build Ram temple at the birth place of Lord Ram in Ayodhya. RSS has said that it may start agitation like it did in 1992.

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