Smart Driving Licenses with uniform format across India from July next year

New driving licenses (DLs) and vehicle registration certificates (RCs) issued after July 2019 will have a uniform format across all States and Union Territories (UTs). They will have same design and security features. For old DLs and RCs the transport authorities will gradually replace them when they come for renewal and re-registration.

Presently, States and UTs have their own format which creates confusion for officials. Also, individuals possess multiple licenses issued by different states.

To check issuance of multiple licenses to any individual, the government is creating a database of driving licences. At present, getting a licence is much easier in India and there are instances where individuals possess multiple licences issued by different states,” said Mr Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways Minister. The introduction of the uniform DLs and RCs is in line with the same.

The smart new DLs and RCs will come with a microchip and QR codes. Also, the near field communication (NFC) feature will be enables in these cards such that their details can be easily and quickly accessed by the enforcement personnel with the help of hand-held devices.

It will directly give access to the URL having details of the particular vehicle or driver including past records as stored in the central data base of Vahan (for vehicles) and Sarthi (drivers),” a transport ministry official said.

The DLs will also have the blood group of the individual and a declaration for organ donation. The DLs of physically challenged individuals will mention if they are driving a specially designed vehicle.

The new smart RCs will include the chassis number and emission norm of the vehicle to help carry out the pollution under control test accurately.

The road transport ministry has already begun work on the new system. An official mentioned that cost of implementing the new features will come around Rs 15-20 per DL or RC and hence the state governments will be able to get this done easily within the given time frame.

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