Sonia is a conduit of someone else’s bigger plan: Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma

The founder of Paytm, Vijay Shekhar Sharma said that he is shocked and surprised from what Sonia Dhawan did and alleged that Sonia is a part of bigger conspiracy. He expressed confidence details will be uncovered with the help of police and everyone involved in it.

Sharma told Economic Times, “I believe Sonia is a conduit of someone else’s bigger plan. I don’t know how many more people were involved in this sad conspiracy. I am shocked and surprised at things that happened and some claims or theories being pitched. I am sure with support of police and everyone involved we will uncover the details soon”.

Whereas Sonia Dhawan’s advocate Prashant Tripathi and her family alleged that she was targeted because of rivalry and jealousy inside the company as she got promoted to Vice President on fast track and Sharma’s family would not be happy with this.

Prashant Tripathi said, “The plot began after Dhawan was promoted as vice president of Paytm a month ago. There could be people around in the company or some (Sharma) family members who would not be happy about it”.

Tripathi met Dhawan in jail and said that she could not understand that why she was charged for money extortion on the name of buying a new house, she could sell equity in the company if she wanted to buy a house.

Tripathi said, “She was definitely framed. She is saying she is innocent— she is saying she is herself not able to gather from where she has been framed. She is saying this is something way beyond her. Person who is earning in lakhs and crores in equity would not get into this to buy a house – she could simply sell her equity to buy one”.

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