Talks stopped because of Pakistan’s behavior, Indian External Affairs Minister says at UNGA

On Saturday, September 29, 2018 External Affairs Minister of India, Sushma Swaraj said in her UN General Assembly speech that the peace talks were stopped because of Pakistan’s behavior and India was accused of sabotaging the process of talks.

Swaraj said that many initiatives were taken for peace talks with Pakistan by governments in India but Pakistan didn’t show seriousness and keep exporting sponsored terrorists cross the border.

Swaraj said, “We are accused of sabotaging the process of talks. This is a complete lie. We believe that talks are the only rational means to resolve the most complex of disputes. Talks with Pakistan have begun many times. If they stopped, it was only because of Pakistan’s behavior. There have been many governments in India, by many different parties. Each government has tried the peace option”.

Sushma Swaraj cited the example of swearing in ceremony of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which he invited the heads of the SAARC nations and her visit to Islamabad in December 2016 as the initiatives taken by India for bilateral dialogue and said that in response to that Pakistan sponsored terrorists carried out attacks in India.

Swaraj said, “Prime Minister Modi, by inviting the Heads of the SAARC nations, to his swearing in ceremony, began his attempt for dialogue on his very first day in office. On 9th December 2016, I personally went to Islamabad and offered a comprehensive bilateral dialogue. But soon after, Pak sponsored terrorists attacked our air force base in Pathankot on 2nd January. Please explain to me how we could pursue talks in the midst of terrorist bloodshed?”

Swaraj blamed Pakistan for defending the terrorists, glorifying the killers and telling lies at the international stages to cover itself in front of world community. She said, “Who can be a greater transgressor of human rights than a terrorist? Those who take innocent human lives in pursuit of war by other means are defenders of inhuman behavior, not of human rights. Pakistan glorifies killers; it refuses to see the blood of innocents”.

She said that Pakistan showed false proofs of Human rights violation by India, at United Nations last year, she said, “The United Nations has seen this before. Last year, Pakistan’s representative, using her right to reply, displayed some photographs as “proof” of “human rights violations” by India. The photographs turned out to be from another country”.

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