Tariq Anwar misunderstood Pawar’s statement: Supriya Sule

National Congress Party MP Supriya sule, following the resignation of NCP general secretary Tariq Anwar, expressed regret and said Sharad Pawar has been misunderstood on his statement on the Rafale deal controversy and Tariq Anwar should have clarified about this with Pawar.

Tariq Anwar resigned from party and Lok Sabha on Friday in protest against party president Sharad Pawar’s statement defending Prime Minister Modi in the Rafael deal.

Expressing his view, he said, “NCP President Sharad Pawar gave a statement to a Marathi news channel in which he said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot be doubted on the Rafale deal. I do not agree with the statement. The NCP has been facing allegations by other opposition parties that it has tried to help the BJP in the past. At a time when the entire opposition is demanding a joint parliamentary committee on the Rafale deal and there is a general perception that some corruption has happened, and the NDA tried to help its businessmen friends, I do not agree with the stand of the NCP. So, I decided to resign from all posts of the party as well as from my Lok Sabha seat.”

Supriya Sule while trying to clear the air said that her father was misquoted by Marathi media outlet.

What he said was “it seems that there is no doubt in people’s mind” and that was not a clean chit, actually he was talking about people’s perceptions not his opinion.”

In his interview, he talked about three things which people conveniently decided to ignore. “One, there should be a clarification about the price escalation of jets. Two, he demanded Joint Parliamentary Committee on Rafale. And, three, he talked about BJP’s double standards on JPC-they demanded for Bofors and now avoiding for Rafale.”

She further said, “He (Tariq Anwar) should have spoken to either Pawar or me or someone else, as he was associated with our party since its inception. He should have talked to us at least once us before taking the decision.”

Clarifying that the NCP and the Congress coalition is intact, she said, “This falsehood can’t damage that relationship. I am in constant touch with Congress leaders and they have no doubts about Mr Pawar’s statement or stand.”

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