Terrorism is the most serious violation of human rights: India at UN

On Friday, The First Secretary in  the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations, Paulomi Tripathi said at General Assembly 3rd session on report of the ‘Human Rights Council’ that terrorism is the most serious violation of human right and international community must take resolute action against it to protect the fundamental freedom of innocent people.

Tripathi said, “Terrorism is the most serious violation of human rights which emanates from beyond our borders. The international community must take resolute action against terrorism in all its forms and manifestations to prevent and stop abuse of human rights and fundamental freedoms of innocent people”.

She said, “Adoption of aggressive and confrontational approach and overly intrusive methods, without consultation and consent of the country concerned have been counterproductive, leading only to politicisation of human rights issues”.

Tripathi expressed her concern on council’s dependency on voluntary funding and emphasized the role of council in building consensus on the issues such as protection of human rights in the cyberspace and impact of artificial intelligence on human rights.

She added, “India was last month elected to the Human Rights Council and remains committed to bring in pluralistic, moderate and balanced perspectives, to bridge multiple divides in human rights discourse and in action, within the Council and beyond”.

India has raised the issue of terrorism at UN General Assembly sessions many times, citing terrorism a grave threat to humanity and have urged the international community to unite ta act against this threat and to prevail peace and stability in the world. India itself is a victim of terrorism for last 40 years.

Konark Bassi

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