Threat of ‘big incident’ in coastal areas by Pakistani terrorists, warns Rajnath Singh

“A big incident carried out by terrorists from a neighbouring country on India’s coastline cannot be ruled out but the government is committed to coastal and maritime security, Defence minister”, Rajnath Singh said.

India will not let anyone who bothered them rest in peace while referring to the air-force strike in Balakot in response to the Pulwama attack, said Rajnath Singh while speaking at the 66th birthday celebrations of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi in Kollam at Kerala.

“We cannot rule out that our neighbouring country’s terrorist can carry out a big incident on our coastline which extends from Kutch to Kerala. As a Defence minister I would like to assure that our country’s maritime security is absolutely strong and solidified. We are completely committed to coastal and maritime security,” he said.

“You know that after some days of Pulwama incident, our air force conducted airstrike at Balakot in Pakistan. We do not bother anyone, but if anyone bothers us, we will not let them rest in peace. The country that does not remember the sacrifice of its soldiers, it is not respected anywhere in the world,” he added.

“This promise to scrap Article 370 was included in BJP’s election manifestos. With the abrogation of Article 370 BJP has proved that there is no difference in the words and deeds of the party. Even Muslims in the country have welcomed abrogation of Article 370”, Rajnath Singh.

The defence minister also visited a memorial of Upadhyay at Dhanakya. Upadhyay’s birth anniversary function at Dhankya was also attended by RSS Sah Sarkarywah Gopal Krishna, Union minister Santosh Gangwar and Jaipur (Rural) MP Rajyawardhan Rathore.

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