Trump says ready to declare national emergency as he visits Mexico border

Trump visited the border on Thursday, 20 days into a partial shutdown of the federal government over Democrats’ refusal to give him $5.7 billion to begin constructing the controversial barrier.

Speaking to reporters in McAllen, southern Texas, Trump once again said he would use his emergency powers to fund the wall if he could not reach a deal in Congress.

“If this doesn’t work out, I’ll probably will do it, maybe definitely,” he said.

Asked about a national emergency declaration, Trump said, “I’m not prepared to do that yet, but if I have to I will.” He contends such a declaration would allow him to direct the military to begin wall construction.

“So we’re either going to have a win, make a compromise —because I think a compromise is a win for everybody— or I will declare a national emergency,” he said.

Trump claims that the US is under threat along its southern border, insisting that the nation urgently needs the wall to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

Later in the day, the American head of state said he had canceled his scheduled visit later this month to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to handle the ongoing shutdown of the government.

“Because of the Democrats intransigence on Border Security and the great importance of Safety for our Nation, I am respectfully cancelling my very important trip to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum,” Trump tweeted.

There’s growing concern about the toll the shutdown is taking on everyday Americans, including disruptions in payments to farmers and trouble for home buyers who are seeking government-backed mortgage loans — “serious stuff,” according to Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, the No. 2 Senate Republican.

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