Trump says, will meet Kim Jong-Un after November midterm election

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump said that he will meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un after November midterm elections and consider three-four locations for it to happen.

Trump told reporters before leaving for a political rally in Iowa, “Well it is happening and we’re setting that up right now. Singapore was fantastic, but we’ll probably do a different location”.

He said, “We’re talking about three or four different locations”.

Trump did not rule out the Mar-a-Lago golf estate in Palm Beach as a meeting location and said that Kim would probably like that. He said, “I’d like that, too. I think it would be good. But we’ll see”.

When asked about time of the meeting, Trump said that “timing won’t be too far away” but it would not happen until after the November election.

Trump also praised Chairman Kim for not doing nuclear tests and not testing ballistic missiles. He said, “You have no nuclear tests, you have no rockets, and we have a very good relationship with Chairman Kim, which is very important”.

Pompeo supported Trump’ comments and said that US will achieve its ultimate of verified denuclearization of North Korea.

He said, “While there’s still a long way to go and much work to do, we can now see a path where we will achieve ultimate goal, which is the full and final verified denuclearization of North Korea”.

Mike Pompeo was on his fourth visit to North Korea on Sunday and had meeting with Chairman Kim Jong-Un. After meeting with Kim he said that in South Korea that Kim agreed for second US-North Korea summit and to allow international inspectors into its nuclear and missile testing sites.

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