UNSC members may be forced to pursue other actions as China blocks Azhar listing

After China blocked a move to designate Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar a global terrorist for the fourth time, UN Security Council members warned China that they “may be forced to pursue other actions” at the Security Council if Beijing continued with this policy.

On the grounds of anonymity, a US diplomat in the United Nations Security Council said, “The case for designating Masood Azhar, the leader of a group the UN already calls an al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist organisation, is undeniable. China should not prevent the committee from doing the job the Security Council has entrusted it to do. It should not protect terrorists from Pakistan or any other country from being held accountable to the Council.”

“If China continues to block this designation, responsible member-states may be forced to pursue other actions at the Security Council. It shouldn’t have to come to that,” the Security Council diplomat added.

“This is the fourth time that China has placed a hold on this listing. China should not prevent the Committee from doing the job the Security Council has entrusted it to do,” another security council diplomat told PTI.

“China’s move to hold the listing is inconsistent with its own stated goals of combating terrorism and furthering regional stability in South Asia,” said a UN diplomat.

Claiming that China has been inconsistent with combating terror, the US diplomat said, “Pakistan has often depended on China to protect it from the listing of Pakistan-based terrorist groups and individuals in the UN 1267 sanctions committee.”

“Our views on Jaish-e-Mohammad and its founder are well known. JeM is a UN-designated terrorist group. Azhar is the founder and the leader of JEM, and he meets the criteria for designation by the United Nations. JEM has been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks and is a threat to regional stability and peace,” US State Department deputy spokesperson Robert Palladino told reporters when asked about the ongoing situation.

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