US envoy to visit India & European countries to hold talks regarding Iran oil import

US State Department said that US envoy on Iran, Brian Hook will be travelling to India and European countries from October 10-17, for talks to bring down their oil Imports from Iran to zero ahead of November 4 deadline.

State department said, “Hook will engage allies and partners on our shared need to counter the entirety of the Iranian regime’s destructive behaviour in the Middle East, and in their own neighborhoods”.

In India Hook will have talks with his counterpart and then he will go to France to have talks with the executive Director of International Energy Agency and then will go to Belgium to meet with EU counterparts.

When asked about reports that India will continue to buy oil from Iran even after implementation of US sanction on November 4, US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said that US is having conversation with the countries that will continue to buy Iranian oil.

Nauert said, “Overall with regard to those sanctions that will take effect on November 4th and you are referring to the oil sanctions for Iran and countries that choose to continue purchasing oil from Iran, we have conversation with many partners and allies around the world about those sanctions”.

She said, “We make our policies very clear to those countries. We continue to have conversations with the government of Iraq about the particular issue and the implication for the reimposition of the sanctions that were previously lifted or even waived under the JCPOA”.

She said that Secretary Mike Pompeo had conversation on this topic when he went to India last month for 2+2 dialogue and referred to the President Trump’s statement on it.

She said, “The President had addressed it, I believe it was just earlier today, which he was asked about that question about whether or not India would buy oil from Iran after sanctions are reimposed. And the President said, and I am not going to get ahead of the President, certainly-but he said we will take care of that”.

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