US sanctions aimed at ‘Iranian government change’ by destabilizing its economy: Analyst

Executive director with the Workers Independent News, Frank Emspak said that the aim of the United States sanctions on Iran is to change the government in the country by destabilizing the economy of Iran but as per present situation it will not be easy to accomplish this goal.

Emspak told Press TV, “There are people in the American government who have said clearly that their objective with the sanctions is to cause regime change in Iran and that they hope that the result of sanctions will be an economic destabilization and hence that the government will be changed. So I think that’s the context”.

He said, “I also believe that the United States has a linchpin in this game – Saudi Arabia. The United States needs the Saudis to pump more oil to make up for the lack of oil from Iran. They need to pump it in such a way that the price is stable and now because of the [Saudi dissident journalist Jamal] Khashoggi killing, there are major issues with this… So yes, clearly, these sanctions are not going to be helpful to Iran”.

The analyst added, “Clearly there are those in this country who wish that sanctions result in regime change. But I don’t think, given the present balance of forces, that these plans are going to be so easily accomplished”.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote on twitter, “The International Monetary Fund @IMFnews is projecting a 3.6% decline in #Iran’s economy next year. That’s what happens when the ruling regime steals from its people and invests in Assad—instead of creating jobs for Iranians, they ruin the economy”.

US President Donald Trump pulled out of Iran Nuclear deal on May 8 and announced to re-impose the economic sanctions on Iran in two phases. The first phase sanctions were implemented from August 7, 2018 and the second phase sanctions targeting Iran’s oil and gas sector and its Central bank will be in full force from November 4.

US vowed to bring the oil exports of Iran to zero as a punitive measure for its malign behaviour in the region and to curb its ballistic missile and nuclear programme. Trump also threatened to sanction the countries and firms that will continue to trade with Iran after November 4.

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