US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to visit North Korea on Sunday

On Tuesday, October 2, US State Department spokeswoman, Heather Nauert said that the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will visit to Pyongyang on Sunday and will meet Chairman Kim for denuclearization talks.

Nauert said that the Secretary Pompeo will visit the US allies in the region, Japan, South Korea and North Korea’s ally China from October 6-8.

She said that Secretary Pompeo will visit Tokyo on Saturday and there he will meet Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, after which, he will go to Pyongyang to meet Chairman Kim and will held denuclearization talks and later, Pompeo will visit to south Korea and will meet President Moon Jae-In, and finally he will visit Beijing to have talks with unknown officials.

Nauert told reporters, “I think it shows forward progress and momentum that the secretary is making his fourth trip back in less than a year”.

She said, “Of course, we have quite a ways to go, but we look forward to the next steps in this conversation”.

US has vowed to continue the economic and diplomatic pressure through sanctions until denuclearization of Korean peninsula, in response to this, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said during his speech in United Nations General Assembly that, US sanctions are increasing Pyongyang’s mistrust in the United States and denuclearization of North Korea cannot be denuclearized unilaterally.

Moscow has also asked the United Nations to ease the sanctions on North Korea in response to North’s efforts to not carry out nuclear and ballistic missile test in last months.

US president Donald Trump and Chairman of North Korea had a meeting in Singapore on June 12, after which, North Korea did not do any missile and nuclear test. Secretary Pompeo is trying to arrange second summit between President Trump and Chairman Kim.

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