US seeks global hegemony, has risk of losing military confrontation with Russia and China: Analyst

An American political Analyst and former professor of Anthropology at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California, Dennis Etler warned in his report that US has risk of losing a military confrontation with Russia and China.

Etler said in an Interview with Press TV that it is US that Intervene in and invade one country after another and seeks global hegemony. He claimed that US spent billions of Dollars to destabilize Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and to contain Iran.

Etler asked, “The US is sounding the alert that it is in danger of falling behind both Russia and China in war preparedness. But, the question may be asked, who is the protagonist and who has thrown the first punch?”

He said, “It is the US that intervenes in and invades one country after another with impunity. It is the US which stations its troops along the borders of its adversaries, not vice versa. It is the US that seeks full spectrum dominance and global hegemony, not Russia, China nor Iran”.

He added, “How many times does it have to be repeated? It is fully documented that the US spent billions of dollars to destabilize Ukraine, a former ally of Russia, in order to impose a Quisling regime in Kiev that directly threatened Russia’s vital national interests in the Black Sea”.

The analyst added, “Prior to that the US reneged on pledges to the Russians that NATO would not expand to its borders. Russia, which has been invaded from the West three times in the last two centuries cannot bit respond to such provocative actions”.

He further added, ““The same applies to China which has had two major wars initiated by the US with the expressed intent to contain it, on her borders. China likewise, has been invaded by both Western forces and Japan many times over the last two centuries. Now that it has regained its historic position as a leading world power China has vowed that it will never again be subject to the depredations of Western imperialism headed today by the US”.

Etler said, “Both in Europe and Asia the US inherited the mantle of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan respectively.  Both Russia and China bore the brunt of their vicious drives for world domination, each suffering more than 20 million deaths during their wars against fascism and militarism. If any two nations are justified in having a vigorous defense capability they are Russia and China”.

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