US threatens India with CAATSA on purchasing Iran oil and Russian S-400 missile system

US State department spokesperson Heather Nauert said that things such as India purchasing oil from Iran or S-400 systems from Russia are not helpful and US government just reviews that carefully.

When she was asked a question on the reports that India will continue to buy oil from Iran even after November 4, Nauert referred to US President Donald Trump’s remarks that US will take care of that and said that India’s decision to purchase oil and S-400 is not helpful.

She said, “The President had addressed it, I believe it was just earlier today, which he was asked about that question about whether or not India would buy oil from Iran after sanctions are reimposed. And the President said, and I am not going to get ahead of the President, certainly-but he said we will take care of that”.

She added, “He was asked also about CAATSA sanctions and possible imposition of CAATSA sanctions. And he said, you know, India is going to find out. And India will find out. We’ll see. So I’m not going to get ahead of him, but certainly when we hear about things such as purchasing oil or the S-400 systems, it’s not helpful. The United State government just review that very carefully”.

US threatened to sanction countries and firms that will continue to buy oil from Iran after November 4, when the second phase of US sanctions will be in full implementation on Iran. US has also warned India for possible CAATSA sanctions if India go ahead to purchase S-400 missile system from Russia.

India formally inked deal to purchase S-400 missile system from Russia during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to India in first week of October.

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