US will pull out of Nuclear Forces Treaty and will develop the weapons: Donald Trump

The United States President Donald Trump said that US is going to terminate the Intermediate-range Nuclear Force Treaty (INF) and will develop those weapons that it is not allowed to under that arms control treaty.

President Trump said, “We are going to terminate the agreement and then we are going to develop the weapons. Russia has violated the agreement. They have been violating it for many years… US is not going to let them violate a nuclear agreement and go out and do weapons and we’re not allowed to”.

Trump said that US will develop those weapons unless Russia and China come to US and ask to stop developing the weapons and said that it is not acceptable to US to stick to the agreement when others are violating it.

He said, “We’ll have to develop those weapons, unless Russia comes to us and China comes to us and they all come to us and say let’s really get smart and let’s none of us develop those weapons, but if Russia’s doing it and if China’s doing it, and we’re adhering to the agreement, that’s unacceptable”.

President Trump also alleged former President Barak Obama for being in the agreement despite Russia was violating it. He said. “I don’t know why president Obama didn’t negotiate or pull out. And we’re not going to let them violate a nuclear agreement and go out and do weapons and we’re not allowed to. We’re the ones that have stayed in the agreement and we’ve honored the agreement”.

He added, “If they get smart and if others get smart and they say let’s not develop these horrible nuclear weapons, I would be extremely happy with that, but as long as somebody’s violating the agreement, we’re not going to be the only ones to adhere to it”.

On Sunday, Russia warned US that if US pulls out of the Nuclear Force Treaty then it would be a very dangerous step and will provoke serious condemnation.

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