Utilise Winter Session for public interest: PM Modi to political parties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that all political parties who have to face the electorate in May next year should utilize the Winter Session of Parliament for public interest and not political benefit.

Speaking outside Parliament before the start of the session, he asked leaders of various political parties to participate in debates, discuss issues of public interest and work towards resolving them.

The prime minister said this Winter Session of Parliament is important and everyone should participate in discussion.

“It will be our request that the houses sit for a longer duration. All important issues reach their logical conclusion,” he said indicating that bills and discussions should not get carried over to the next session.

“There should be an open discussion. There should be a debate, there should be a sharp debate. But at least there should be one,” he said.

Referring to the Lok Sabha elections due next year, he said he is confident that all political parties “who have to face the electoral test in May (next year), while keeping in mind the people, will utilise the session for public interest and not political interest.”

The Prime Minister hopes that the session would be constructive and members would participate in debates on key issues concerning the public. The Winter Session of Parliament starts Tuesday and will end on January 8.


CM Jakhar

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