War is no option; dialogue is only solution for issues with India: Pakistan FM Qureshi

On Thursday, September 27, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on the issue of rising tensions between India-Pakistan and that the nuclear powers war is not an option and the outstanding issues can be resolved through dialogue only.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Qureshi talked Al Jazeera on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly. When he was asked about the India-Pakistan relations then he said, “What we did… we thought made sense. Two neighbours with outstanding issues, atomic powers. How do you fix things? War is no option. There is no military solution. The only solution is a dialogue”.

Qureshi referred to the first public speech of newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, when he said, “You take one step towards peace, we will take two” and mentioned that new government’s approach to resolve the issues is constructive and peaceful dialogue with India.

India cancelled its first ever meeting with Pakistan since 2015, that was supposed to be held between foreign Ministers of India and Pakistan on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly in New York.

India cited the brutal killing of BSF soldier and, killing of three policemen in Kashmir valley and release of series of stamps on a terrorist, who was killed by Indian armed forces in an encounter in July 2016. India mentioned it as an act of “glorifying terrorist and terrorism” by Pakistan.

India has alleged Pakistan for producing and exporting terrorists and asked Pakistan many times to act against the terrorists operating from its soil and to eliminate the terrorist heavens from its soil for further progress on peace talks.

On allegations of aiding the Taliban, one of the deadliest terrorist organization in the world, Qureshi said, “Previous Pakistani governments had been helping their own country. They were helping overcome a situation which was not of their own creation. Who were these people? Who supported them? Who trained them? We forget history and at times we overlook that friends change. People that you support, some of the people, were called extremists. Weren’t they invited to the US? Weren’t they entertained in the white house? So, friends change, circumstances change. We were just defending and protecting ourselves”.


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