‘Was lost in conversation with the sea’ : PM Modi pens poem after Mamallapuram visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday penned a poem on twitter during his stay in Tamil Nadu’s Mamallapuram. “Yesterday, I was lost in conversation with the sea during a morning walk on Mahabalipuram beach,” Modi said in a tweet written in Hindi.

“This conversation carries the world of my feelings. I am sharing the feeling with you in the form of a poem,” he added. The poem embraced eight-stanza signed by the Prime Minister where he described the ocean’s relationship with the sun, the waves, and its pain.

On Saturday, after hosting the Chinese President Xi Jinping in the city for an informal summit, the PM spent a quiet time on the beach of Mamallapuram. In another tweet, Modi said:” Refreshing walk and exercises in Mamallapuram, along the scenic coast.”

This is not the first time Modi has revealed his poetic side. He is author of more than 11 books on various topics including the nation-state, society, environment and even on advice to children sitting for examinations. A collection of poetry in Gujarati with 67 poems, have been translated into Hindi and published.

“In Mahabalipuram, strolling on the beach, I got lost while initiating a conversation with the ocean. This dialogue is my emotional world. I am sharing this with you,” he tweeted.

The poem goes:

“He… sagar!!!

Tumhe Mera Pranam

Tu dheer hai, gambhir hai,

Jag ko jivan deta, neela hai neer tera!

Yeh athah vistar, yeh vishalta

Tera hai roop nirala!

He… Sagar!!!

Tumhe Mera Pranam!

Satah par chalta ye kolahal, ye utpad,

Kabhi upar to kabhi neeche,

Garajti lehron ka pratap,

Yeh tumhara dard hai, aakrosh hai

Ya phir santap?

Tum na hote vichalit

Na aashankit, na bhayabheet

Kyonki tumme hai gehrai!

He… Sagar!!!

Tumhe Mera Pranam!

Shakti ka apaar bhandaar samete,

Asimit urja swayam mein lapete

Phir bhi apni maryadayon ko bandhe,

Tum kabhi na apni seemayen langhe!

Har pal badappan ka bodh dilate

He… Sagar!!!

Tumhe Mera Pranam!

Tu shikshadata, tu dikshadata

Teri lehron me jivan ka

Sandesh samata

Na wah ki chah

Na panah ki aas

Beparvah sa ye prayas

He… Sagar!!!

Tumhe Mera Pranam!

Chalte chalte jivan samvarti,

Lehron ki daud teri

Na rukti, na thakti,

Charaivati, charaivati, charaivati ka mantra sunati

Nirantar… sarvatra

Yeh yatra anvarat,

Yeh sandesh anvarat

He… Sagar!!!

Tumhe Mera Pranam!

Lehron me ubharti nayee lehren

Vilay mein bhi uday,

Janam-maran ka kram hai anootha,

Yeh mitati mitati, tum me samati,

Punarjanam ka ehsas karati

He… Sagar!!!

Tumhe Mera Pranam!

Sooraj se tumhara nata purana,


Yeh jivant jal tumhara

Khud ko mitata, aasman ko chhoota,

Mano sooraj ko choomta,

Ban badal phir barasta,

Madhu bhav bikhert

Sujlam-suflam srishti sajata

He… Sagar!!!

Tumhe Mera Pranam!

Jeevan ka ye saundarya,

Jaise neelkanth ka aadarsh,

Dhara ka vish, khud mein samaya,

Kharapan samet apne bheetar,

Jag ko jivan naya dilaya,

Jeevan jeene ka marm sikhaya

He… Sagar!!!

Tumhe Mera Pranam!”

Vaibhav Vats

With a keen interest in politics, academics and law, Vaibhav is a vivid researcher who is always interested in bringing the facts to the table. His research work is mainly related to the defense and internal security. Besides being a passionate researcher and a keen reader He is known for his comprehensive thinking ability as well as an outspoken and expressive personality. He is also known for his deeper perspectives and holistic approach.

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