We want a better India with toxic-free social media: Defence Minister Sitharaman

On Sunday, September 30, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that we, the architects of social media, should bring in more culture in wonderful flora by engaging on social media without bitterness, negativity and toxicity.

Defence Minister was speaking at Social Media Conclave, organized by an NGO Namaste India. She said, “We should be the pioneers to make that place toxic-free. It should be an engagement forum, but without bitterness, toxicity, negativity”.

She said that those who are propagating government programmes on social media platforms are architects and not ‘yoddhas’ because they do things to make ambience better.

She said, “Architects do wonderful things to make our ambience, ecosystem better. They bring in more trees. I think, as architects of the social media, we should bring in more culture in the wonderful, technology-based, interaction forum — whether it is Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook, and a lot more. We communicate better by bringing in a lot of facts. We get the reality in picture, in words.”

She said to the audiences that all of us want better individual lives and a better India, that we are missing today.

She said, “All of us are here for a common cause. We want a better India. All of us have got some exposure to how civic lives can be better; our individual lives can be better — in rural or urban India”.

Minister urged to avoid toxic discussions on social media and to engage in intelligent and smart narratives. She said, “I understand that this country requires moving fast. The narrative should become intelligent and smart. We do not want the social media to have a toxicity flow”.

In recent time country has witnessed many incidents of mob lynching because of false information on social media platforms so it became necessary for government to have control on it.

Few weeks ago government of India called on WhatsApp and asked to appoint an executive to address the issues of such kind and to provide the required information about the origin of the source of false information on it.




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