We will use all instruments of American power to defeat our enemy: Donald Trump

On Thursday, October 4, The US President Donald Trump unveiled new National Strategy for Counter Terrorism and said that we will use all instruments of American power to protect the United States and to defeat our enemies.

The National Strategy for Counter Terrorism released by white house cited that terrorist organisations like ISIS, al-Qaeda, Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan and the Lashkar-e Taiba, Boko Haram and dozens of others are a threat to national security of America and posing threats to US personnel and its interests overseas.

Trump said, “Guided by the National Strategy for Counterterrorism, we will use all instruments of American power to protect our great nation, and we will defeat our enemies with the full force of American might”.

He said, “It provides the strategic guidance needed to protect the United States against all terrorist threats, while simultaneously fostering the agility to anticipate, prevent, and respond to new threats”.

Trump said that we have decimated ISIS in Syria and Iraq and US withdrawal from horrible Iran deal had provided a windfall for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and its proxies.

US National Security Advisor John Bolton said that the global threat posed by terrorist groups is more complex and diffuse than ever. He emphasized that US will counter not a single terrorist organization but all terrorists, by disrupting the ways and means terrorists use to radicalize, recruit, mobilize, finance, travel, communicate.

The White House statement said that the new strategy will strengthen the security of America and place America first. The new strategy also encourage US’ partners, at home and overseas, to counter terrorism.

The White House said, “The strategy places America first, emphasizing strong borders, strengthening security at points of entry, protecting critical infrastructure, and facilitating preparedness. However, America First does not mean America alone”.

It said, “The new strategy commits us to expand our partnerships at home and abroad to encourage partners’ assistance in counterterrorism activities… this includes working with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Allies and partners”.

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