World looks upto Indian Culture, we should know history of our country: Lok sabha speaker

On Sunday, September 30, Lok Sabha speaker, Sumitra Mahajan said that people should know about the history and culture of our country and should think to move it forward.

Sumitra Mahajan was speaking on the last day of the four day ‘Lok Manthan’ conclave. She urged people to not damage any national property as it is built by money of taxpayers.

She said that people should have the National Sentiment on this, she referred to vice presidents speech and said that nation should be first.

Mahajan said, “The world looks upto Indian culture, but whether we are looking towards it is a matter of introspection”.

While speaking about the theme of the programme, Jan-Gan-Man (people-society-mind), she emphasized that we should know about the history and culture. In ancient times,  India enjoyed a rich culture and civilisation that is known to the whole world.

She said, “People should think of, Jan, Gan, Man. People should know about the history and literature of the country”.

About women, who are always respected in Indian culture, she said, “respect to women is of great importance. Women are an important part of society and without her, society will not move forward”.

Mahajan cited an example of her life and asked the youth to travel India not just as a tourist but to understand the country.

She said, “I once asked a Sadhu about ‘Srihasth Mela’ in Ujjain, and the Sadhu said,Sadhus go everywhere, he sees what is happening in the country and meets the people. The Sadhus meet near pious rivers and discuss about it as to what will happen in the next 12 years of Kumbh Mela”.


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