World should note the threatening posture of India: Pakistan’s opposition leader

On Sunday, September 23, 2018 Pakistan opposition parties held the Tehreek – I – Insaf (PTI) led Pakistan government responsible for the rising tensions between the two countries.

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) senator and former home minister Rehman Malik wrote on twitter, “PM Modi will not mind to put the peace of South Asia in danger for the sake of his coming elections. PM Modi wants to create war like situation between Pakistan & India, enabling him to use anti-Pak sentiments to win voters for him & his party”.

He wrote in another tweet, “Mr Prime Minister Modi, I challenge you to have an open debate on CNN… it is your same army chief, who bowed before China and could not face a small counter attack from Chinese army… (sic)”.

Whereas the leader of opposition in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif said on twitter, “The bellicose & irresponsible statements by the Indian army chief exposes the Indian designs to the world that should immediately take note of New Delhi’s threatening posture. Pakistan extending an olive branch to India should never be misconstrued as weakness”.

He added, “Pakistan’s unwavering patriotic soldiers stand steadfast to defend with might and fury against unprovoked aggression from any threat.  While the nation stands united with their intrepid military and against the cowardly threats”.

The PPP vice president tweeted, “Right now, however the Indian govt and army chief’s response is both immature and irresponsible. What are they threatening Pakistan about? They have crossed all diplomatic norms and protocols to emerge as a belligerent nuclear power that is only looking to externalize its own extremisms”.


CM Jakhar

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