YouTube, Snapchat, Gmail connection issues in eastern US now fixed

Google Cloud had been experiencing widespread problems Sunday, which wreaked havoc on YouTube, Snapchat, Gmail, Discord and a host of other popular apps and services across the eastern United States.

Users complained it was difficult or impossible to log in to the sites, which rely on Google’s cloud services to power their central functions.

Google’s status page for Cloud confirmed the company was having issues with the service as of 1 p.m. PT. The search giant marked Google’s Cloud Compute Engine and Cloud Networking services as suffering outages on its status dashboard.

“We are experiencing high levels of network congestion in the eastern USA, affecting multiple services in Google Cloud, G Suite and YouTube. Users may see slow performance or intermittent errors. We believe we have identified the root cause of the congestion and expect to return to normal service shortly,” the company said in a statement around 2 p.m. PT.

Earlier, the official YouTube site had acknowledged the issue and said it was being worked on. “If YouTube isn’t loading for you or you’re experiencing error messages, we’re working to fix it!” it posted.

Similarly, Snapchat said it was aware of the problem and that it was being worked on. “We’re aware of an issue preventing some Snapchatters from using the app,” it wrote, before posting a stressed-looking emoji. “Hang tight!”

As of 5 p.m. PT, the Google Cloud Status Dashboard showed that all services are now available.

“The network congestion issue in eastern USA affecting Google Cloud, G Suite and YouTube has been resolved for all affected users as of 4:00pm US/Pacific,” a Google spokesperson said late Sunday.

“We will conduct a post mortem and make appropriate improvements to our systems to prevent this from happening again,” the spokesperson added.

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