34 Police personals tested positive in Bhopal, total cases in India reaches 21,393

On Thursday, 23 April 2020 government said that India has conducted more than 5 lakh cases in last 30 days from which 21,393 cases found positive with 1409 cases in last 24 hours and the testing rate was 33 times during last 30 days.

In Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh today 34 Police personals were tested positive and 30 other members have been identified who came into contact with them. Bhopal Additional Director General of Police, Upendra Jain said, “With a policeman in our cyber cell testing coronavirus positive this morning, 34 of our personnel, including officers, have been infected so far”.

ADGP Jain alleged that the virus made its way into Police personals because of Tablighi Jamaat members, he said, “After an analysis, we came to know that the virus found its way into the police force when our personnel went out to search for the people who had come to Bhopal after attending the congregation of Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi last month”.

ADGP Jain added, “As per the findings, there was no other source initially, except the Nizamuddin attendees, from whom they could have contracted the infection. The police went to the mosques under Jahangirabad and Ashbagh police stations towards the end of last month to look for the attendees”.

CK Mishra, Environment Secretary & Chairman, Empowered Group-2 said that the number of tests conducted on March 23, 2020 were 14,915. The official added that the situation during 30 days of lockdown was observed linear and under control.

Joint secretary Health Ministry, Lav Agarwal said that no new COVID case was registered in 74 districts in last 14 days and no new case was reported in 12 districts in last 28 days in 23 states/UTs in India.

Agarwal said, “India has 12 districts that did not report a fresh case in the last 28 days or more. There are now 78 districts in 23 States/UTs, which have not reported any fresh cases during the last 14 days”

CM Jakhar

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