China starts drilling Asia’s deepest hole

China has started drilling another bore that exceeds more than 10,000 meters deep.
Drilling is being done in the province of Sichuan in the South-Western part of the country.

This is supposed to be one of the most challenging drilling projects in the world. This pursuit in the quest for large natural gas reserves. Southwest Oil and Gasfield Company PetroChina PetroChina has begun drilling the Well named Shendi Chuanke-1 in the Sichuan Basin.

The depth designed of the well is of 10,520 meters according to the State news agency Xinhua.
More than 9,000 meters deep wells are regarded as the most technically challenging in the oil and gas engineering industry. This will be the second ultra-deep well drilled in China and Asia’s most bottomless well also.

Drilling started in the last week of May 30 in the petroleum-rich Tarim Basin region in Xinjiang province in western China. The exploration of Chuanke-1 is part of the Deep Earth drilling project.

China Electric Power News reported that this effort is in the direction of “providing an important foundation and support for China’s future scientific research and oil and gas resource development”. Presently China has become the world’s fourth-largest producer of natural gas.

CM Jakhar

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