Haryana to Promote School Students upto 8th Standard to Next Class Without Exams

Haryana govt decides to promote state’s students from 1st to 8th standard to next class without giving exams. The decision came from, when whole country is under lockdown in the fight against COVID-19, CMO Haryana’s official Twitter handle on 5 April, 2020.

The decision was welcomed and highly appreciated by parents and guardians as there was a lot of concern and speculations about promotion process and schedule of state’s students. However, govt has not mentioned anything about 9th and 10th standard.

Similar decisions are being taken across the country to ensure the smooth running of education system. Haryana govt has shown its intention to address remaining concerns of parents and guardians very soon.

The above decision shall also be seen in the light of present circumstances regarding the spread of COVID-19. In the last one week the spread of COVID has speedily increased due to ‘Tablighi Jamaat’ incident of Delhi.

Initially the number of COVID patients in Haryana were below 50 but after the Jamaat incident the numbers in Haryana also have gone up. However, as compared to other states which could be considered COVID hotspots, the present numbers in Haryana are comparatively low.

Haryana still has 90 confirmed cases out of which 29 have recovered and no deaths have been recorded so far. Inside Haryana, maximum cases have come up in districts which lie in the vicinity of Delhi with Gurugram having 31 confirmed cases, Palwal having 17 confirmed cases and Faridabad having 14 confirmed cases.

This has come up after the trace of over 1000 Jamaati, including over 100 foreign nationals, who entered and travelled inside the state. Effort are being made to trace rest of the Jamaatis who still have not come up for their health checkup.

Govt is working at the pace of war-footing with the proactive approach of tracking down every possible Jamaat member or any other positive case. During such a time, this decision is no less than a relief to parents and guardians of school students.

CM Jakhar

A news enthusiast by hobby, CM is the founder of Prediction Junction. He is always passionate to dig into the latest in the world and has a natural way of depicting his analysis and thoughts. His main motive is to bring the true and recent piece on where the world is heading.

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