Most Mutated Covid Variant discovered in Indonesia

According to a report from the UK’s Daily Mail, a new variant of the coronavirus with an astonishing 113 unique mutations has been discovered in Indonesia. This finding surpasses the Omicron variant, which was previously considered the most mutated form of the virus with 50 mutations.

The newly detected variant is believed to be a morphed version of the Delta variant, and it was obtained from a patient swab in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

Researchers have pointed out that the spike protein, which is located on the virus’s surface, plays a crucial role in enabling the virus to attach to and enter human cells. Most of the existing COVID-19 vaccines work by teaching the human body’s immune system to target and attack this spike protein, which prevents the virus from causing severe illness.

Out of the 113 mutations found in the Jakarta sample, 37 of them have affected the spike protein. This raises concerns about how these changes might impact the virus’s ability to evade the immune response generated by vaccines.

As of now, it is not yet clear whether this newly discovered variant has the potential to spread more easily and widely among the population. Scientists are closely monitoring the situation and conducting further research to understand its behavior and implications better.

CM Jakhar

A news enthusiast by hobby, CM is the founder of Prediction Junction. He is always passionate to dig into the latest in the world and has a natural way of depicting his analysis and thoughts. His main motive is to bring the true and recent piece on where the world is heading.

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