UN Report Voices for Worldwide Ban on Smartphones in Schools

A newly released report by the United Nations has raised concerns over the excessive use of smartphones, urging for their prohibition in schools worldwide.

The report, presented by UNESCO, the UN’s education, science, and culture agency, highlights the detrimental impact of mobile phone overuse on learning.

According to the report, “Mere proximity to a mobile device was found to distract students and to
have a negative impact on learning in 14 countries, yet less than one in four have banned smartphone use in schools.”

Additionally, the report points out that online content is predominantly produced by powerful groups, and it emphasizes environmental concerns. One estimation reveals that extending the lifespan of all laptops in the European Union by a year could reduce CO2 emissions equivalent to removing almost 1 million cars from the road.

Furthermore, the UNESCO report sheds light on the disparities created by digital learning. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately half a billion students globally were left behind due to the transition to online-only education.

The report, titled “Technology in education: A tool on whose terms?,” was launched during an event in Montevideo, Uruguay. UNESCO and the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay hosted the event with additional support from the Ceibal Foundation and 18 education ministers from various countries.

The report can be read here.

CM Jakhar

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