US National Security Adviser meets Saudi Crown Prince

US National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan met with Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman on a significant diplomatic mission, in Jeddah. The talks in both delegations aimed to foster a groundbreaking diplomatic breakthrough in the region.

Brett McGurk, the National Security Council Coordinator for Middle East, and Amos Hochstein, Biden’s senior adviser for energy and infrastructure accompanied Sullivan.

According to New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman, the meeting may hold the potential for a momentous US-Saudi-Israeli-Palestinian understanding. Based on an interview with President Joe Biden, it seems that Sullivan’s visit was a step towards exploring this possibility, he further added.

On Thursday, Sullivan found an opportunity to raise the issue of disturbances in Yemen. The nation has been embroiled in conflict since 2014 when Houthi forces seized the capital. Saudi Arabia, along with other Arab nations, intervened in the conflict, adding to the complexities amid tensions with regional rival, Iran.

The discussions in Jeddah signal a concerted effort by the US to forge diplomatic solutions in the region and address longstanding challenges. As the progress of the talks, the world watches eagerly for any breakthroughs that could pave the way for lasting peace and stability in the Middle East.

CM Jakhar

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