Angela Merkel says, Germany has been wanting Security Council reforms for years

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, during her speech at Bavaria, that Germany wanted reforms in UN Security Council and multilateralism is the answer to global problems. She expressed that moving away from multilateralism may create the danger that can destroy our community of peace.

Merkel’s remarks came days after US president Donald Trump addressed UN General Assembly on Tuesday; she denounced what trump thinks about multilateralism.

She said, “The current US president thinks that multilateralism is not the answer to our problems. He only assumes that there can only be one winner in any given situation, who unlike me does not believe in win-win situation”.

She added, “He (Trump), therefore, questions multilateralism system that go far beyond Europe, like the climate protection agreement, the functioning of United Nations”.

She said that UN is not perfect and advocated for reforms in the International organization. She said that Germany wanted reforms in United Nations Security Council but should not destroy something without building a replacement.

She said, “The United Nations was found on the ruins of the second World War. And yes, it is not perfect. We have been wanting a reform of the Security Council for many years, but ladies and gentleman, to destroy something without having built a replacement, that is highly dangerous as far as I am concerned, and can destroy our community of peace sooner than we think”.

US president has taken some decisions to make ‘America great’ by  protecting American economy, jobs, industries and labors that the global leaders are criticizing and calling it ‘protectionism’.

In his speech, President Trump pointed towards rejecting globalism and protecting American Interests.

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