Baba Ramdev alleges foreign power of funding ‘lakhs of crores’ to keep Modi out of power’

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has alleged that there are foreign countries funding lakhs of crores for stopping Modi to come back in power

“The entire world is viewing the (Lok Sabha) 2019 elections. The enemy powers which are inside and outside the country, along with many Christian and Muslim countries are funding lakhs of crores for stopping Modi to come back in power,” Baba Ramdev was quoted saying  in an interview with Republic TV.

Ramdev Baba will be seen casting his vote in the first phase of polls on April 11 at Haridwar, Uttarakhand. He has also openly backed PM Narendra Modi for a second term.

“But please tell me, what has Modi done wrong for this country? Why so much hatred towards just one man, who does not even have a family and worships Bharat Mata? One man, who has taken up working for the nation as his duty and works 24×7 tirelessly for the country, always thinking about its well being, why target him?” further questioned Ramdev.

“This time also, we cannot see an alternative to Prime Minister Modi… ‘Chowkidar’ is not a thief, he is pure, the people of the country are saying this. Nobody in the world can say that Prime Minister Modi has robbed anything,” Ramdev had told in an interview.

“Be it surgical strike, airstrike or ‘satellite strike‘, due to all these the trust of people on Prime Minister Modi has increased. Opposition’s alliance is dominating in few regions, but the mood of the nation is more towards Prime Minister Modi,” said the Yoga guru as he highlighted the various achievements of the Prime Minister and his tenure.


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