Centre for Mass Communication in university of Rajasthan faces closure

Centre for Mass Communication at Rajasthan University (RU) is facing closure. The center of Mass Communication in Rajasthan University is three decade old. The centre was inaugurated by the new Congress government in the state.

This centre is observed as an extra load on the government and therefore it is being decided that it will not take up any students from the upcoming session. The centre for Mass Communication was opened by the congress and soon after when BJP came into power it was shut down and it is in a state of closure.

The students are extremely in a dilemma and immesnsly worried about their future. The students are on a strike, although they are still studying in the centre and continuously raising questions against the government.

“Nothing official has come up from the higher authorities yet we have prepared to drop the name of the centre from our prospectus. There will be no new admission this year for the centre”, an official said.

“Rajasthan University is a brand recognised everywhere. I have completed my second semester and if our batch is shifted to the university for third and fourth semester, our degrees will be granted by that university. It will be difficult for us to get jobs with a degree of newly formed university. We have demanded RU administration to please accommodate us here and not to play with our career,” said Surendra Palsaniya, a student of Centre of Mass Communication.

As soon as centre of Mass Communication was closed down, the faculty at the university was shifted to Rajasthan University which since then have been teaching at the Centre of Mass Communication. As a result of which, there will no teachers left at the RU which is already facing deficiency of the faculty, the reason being why government is willing to shift the students there.

Soon after the strike the students requested to R K Kothari the Vice – Chancellor of Rajasthan University on Tuesday after two hours of protest at the university gates. They made a request to  arrange guest faculties oe permanent teachers so that their education do not gets hindered.

Sunidhi Bhatti

Sunidhi Bhatti is a Post graduate in Mass Communications and Electronic Media. She is a young enthusiast who loves to write on political affairs and always satisfied with her work. Besides a content writer, she is a vocalist also.

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