China is ready to make a deal with US: Chinese official

Ahead of US Secretary Mike Pompeo’ visit to China, the Chinese Ambassador to Washington, Cui Tiankai said on Friday that, China wants to make a deal with US and wants to resolve the ongoing trade dispute.

On Monday, Mike Pompeo will be in China for high level talks with Chinese officials that may include trade war and increasing military tensions between the two countries.

As reported by Chinese official media, Ambassador Cui said to America’s National Public Radio on Wednesday, “We are ready to make a deal. We are ready to make some compromise, but it needs the goodwill from both sides”.

Cui expressed that China wants to resolve trade dispute through negotiations and China has provided US a proposal to settle the trade deficit between two countries, but it need the good will of both sides.

He said, “We want to solve it through negotiation and consultation between the two sides. But in order for the negotiation, the consultation to succeed, we do need goodwill and good faith from both sides”.

Moreover, Cui said, “We offered to reduce the trade deficit of the US States, for instance. And we also presented a very good proposal to the US side about the further reform and opening up in China, some of the so-called structural issues. We are ready to work on the issues”.

Cui also told that US’ changing behaviour if confusing and we do not know what US exactly wants as priorities.

He further conveyed that, “I think more than once we had some tentative agreement between the two working teams. Then just overnight the tentative agreement was rejected and the demand from US changed. So this is very confusing, and this is making things very difficult”.

The United States and China has slapped additional tariffs on each other’s’ products of billions of dollars. US President warned China for tariffs on additional $267 billion Chinese imports to US.

US also challenges China’s growing military dominance in South China sea by US Navy ships sailing through South China sea under international law of freedom of navigation, that China considers violation of its sovereignty and a threat to security.


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