China says, Security dialogue postponed on US’ intention

On Tuesday, October 2, 2018 Spokesperson of Foreign Affairs Ministry of China, Hua Chunying said that the US-China Diplomatic and Security dialogue that was scheduled to be held in October,  has been postponed on US’ intention and both countries will be in contact to hold the dialogue.

Spokesperson Chun Ying’s remarks came on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he said, “China and US previously agreed in principle to hold the second round of China-US diplomatic and security dialogue in mid-October. The US side has recently expressed its intention to postpone the dialogue. The two sides will remain in contact on holding the dialogue”.

Chun Ying’s remarks came after a US official confirmed on Sunday, September 30, that Security Dialogue between US-China has been cancelled.

The second Diplomatic and Security Dialogue between US and China was to be held with US secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defence Secretary Jim Mattis and their Chinese counterpart. The First US-China Diplomatic and Security Dialogue was held last year.

Tensions between two world economic and military powers are rising because of South China dispute, supply of arms by US to Taiwan, trade dispute and tariffs imposed by US on China and then by China on US in retaliation and sanctions by US on China for S-400 missile system and Sukhoi fighter planes purchase from Russia.

US President has also blamed China for not doing enough in process of denuclearization of North Korea and even supporting the North Korea and for serious violation of UN sanctions on North Korea.

China has also opposed US military patrolling in South China Sea and have cited it threat to security and sovereignty, as China considers most of South China Sea its territory.

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