Home Minister Inaugurates ‘smart’ fence project along International Border

On Monday, September 17, 2018, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh Inaugurated two ‘laser fencing’ projects at International border with Pakistan in Jammu. The laser fence pilot project is the part of Comprehensive Integrated Border management system (CIBMS).

Each of the two laser fence pilot projects covers a stretch of 5.5 kilometer along the international border and is the first high tech surveillance system. After its implementation along 2026 kilometer long vulnerable part of border, it will help in reducing the cross the border infiltration and will minimize the casualties of soldiers guarding the border.

Home Minister said, “Once this project is completed it will cover around 2026 kilometers of area identified as vulnerable and the pilot project will also be further enhanced and improved”.

Minister said that this will also help in reducing the dependency on physical patrolling. He said, “Our jawans used to remain physically present on borders in hostile weather conditions. They also feel stressed but this technology will not only de-stress them by cutting down their duty hours on borders but will also make our boundaries more foolproof”.

An official said, “The laser fence and other gadgets have been integrated and a CCTV like feed will be given to a BSF post so that immediate action can be taken against any intrusion or infiltration attempt”.

Singh said that after this, the laser fence project under CIBMS will be launched in Assam. He said, “When I visited Israel, I saw this system there and immediately after that we started work on this project. Based on the feedback, the system will be foolproof. I have launched two such pilot projects here. We will launch a similar 60 km long pilot project in Assam”.

While talking to media at BSF headquarter in Paloura, after launching two laser fencing pilot projects, Singh advised Pakistan to understand as  how to behave with neighbours. He said, “Pakistan has its own nature and we cannot change it. What Pakistan can do (to change its nature), it will have to do itself. Pakistan has to understand how to behave with neighbours”.

Minister sited an example of PM Modi’s visit to Pakistan for India’s efforts to maintain relations with Pakistan as a neighbor. He said, “Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi went Pakistan by breaking protocol only to maintain better relation. If Pakistan is not trying to understand despite that approach, then what can be done”. 

He hoped for the change in Pakistan’s behavior and added, “I don’t think that there will be any change in Pakistan’s nature. I pray to God that there would be change. I hope the change will be better than before”.



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