India is fully committed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: President Kovind

On Wednesday, October 3, 2018, The president of India, Ram Nath Kovind said to United Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, that India is fully committed to achieve the sustainable development goals and its development cooperation programmes are helping other countries to achieve their goals as well.

President Kovind was welcoming the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, during his visit to India. He said that India deeply values his participation in Mahatma Gandhi International Sanitation Convention and 4th anniversary of the Swachh Bharat campaign.

The President said, as quoted in the official statement, “India has witnessed transformative changes powered by digital technology and inclusive development policies, be it in gender empowerment; sanitation; financial inclusion; provision of clean cooking fuel to over 250 million people; making available health insurance to over 500 million people; or giving access to electricity to millions across the country”.

He said, “We remain fully committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And our commitment is not limited to our country. Our development cooperation programmes are helping others to meet these Goals as well”.

President also emphasized for United Security Council reforms.  He said that multilateralism and global governance are not working effectively in their present form and reforms of UN will not be completed without the reforms of UN Security Council.

The President said, “India believes that in a globalizing world, multilateralism is indispensable. India remains committed to it. However, to our understanding multilateralism and global governance in their present form are not working effectively”.

He said, “The UN must adapt itself to the changing times. It should be more responsive to the needs of all countries”.

The statement said, “The President said that no reform of the UN would be complete without the reform of the UN Security Council. The current permanent membership of the Security Council does not reflect contemporary global realities”.

Right now there are five permanent members of UN Security Council, US, UK, France, Russia and China. India is advocating for UNSC reforms since a decade.

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