Indian army conducts war games near China border in eastern Ladakh

The Indian Army conducted a war games near China border, which is a rare integrated military exercise combining its various wings in eastern Ladakh bordering China. The war game was carried out days after a face-off between the Indian and Chinese troops in the region in order to check for testing and improving its war-fighting capabilities.

The integrated exercise named ‘Chang Thang’ was conducted at a high altitude area in the region. The exercise involved the use of infantry, mechanised forces, T-72 tanks, with force multipliers such as artillery guns and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The exercised included the parajumping of troops, the roping of the Air Force in the exercise, army’s aviation assets were used.

The exercise which took place in a ‘super high altitude area was witnessed by the Northern Army Commander Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh. He was briefed on the conduct of the exercise by General Officer Commanding, Fire & Fury Corps (14 Corps), Lieutenant General YK Joshi. The corps is tasked with offensive and defensive roles along the Line of Actual with China in Eastern Ladakh.

Singh complimented the commanders and troops for the display of war-fighting capabilities in the high altitude conditions. “The Northern Command will continue its legacy of excelling in combat, if India is involved in a conflict”, he said.

“He also remarked that with the induction of new weapon systems and high tech equipment, the capability and lethality of the Indian Army was progressively improving each passing day. He also instructed all ranks to remain vigilant and maintain a high operational readiness,” an army statement read.

In order test its new fighting formation, Integrated Battle Group, in mountain warfare, the army will conduct another major exercise, Him Vijay, in Arunachal Pradesh next month.

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