Modi flags off world’s first diesel to electric converted locomotive

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday flagged off an electric locomotive converted from a diesel engine at the Diesel Locomotives Works (DLW) in his constituency Varanasi today.

In a first, the Indian Railways has converted a diesel locomotive into an electric one, as part of efforts to completely electrify the broad gauge network.

In keeping with the Indian Railways’ Mission 100 percent electrification and de-carbonization agenda, DLW has developed a new prototype electric locomotive converted from diesel locomotive.

The converted electric locomotive delivers 10,000 HP against 2 X 2612 HP of two diesel locomotive (92 percent more power). A 10,000 HP of haulage power is adequate to haul a load up to nearly 5300 Tonnes, providing around 2:1 HP to trailing load ratio.

Under the ‘Make in India’ initiative, such a launch by Indian Railways is a welcome step in India’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint on the world.

Other than being economical, it also leads to an increase in the average speed of freight trains, which would increase sectional capacity. The project was sanctioned on 27 November 2018 by the national transporter for commercial services.

Also, from concept to execution, the ‘Make in India’ project was completed at DLW in a duration of 69 days, starting from 22 December 2017 to 28 February 2018.

According to the national transporter, the ‘Make in India’ project is a step towards saving traction energy cost. It is being said that with conversion of diesel locomotives into electric locomotives, the fuel bill of Indian Railways will reduce significantly.


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