Modi is like a scorpion sitting on a Shivling, Shashi Tharoor recalls RSS member’s quote

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor sparked controversy when he said, recalling what an RSS member told to a journalist in 2012, that Modi is like a scorpion siting on a Shivling and you cannot hit it with a ‘chappal’.

Recalling what an RSS member told to a journalist Vinod Jose of the Caravan, Tharoor said, “Modi is like a scorpion sitting on a Shivling. You cannot remove him with your hand and you cannot hit it with a ‘chappal’ (slipper) either”.

Tharoor said, “”There is an extraordinarily striking metaphor expressed by an unnamed RSS source to journalist Vinod Jose of ‘The Caravan’, who expressed their frustration with their inability to curb Modi”.

He added that remarks by RSS member depicted the “complex dynamics that exist between the Hindutva movement and the Moditva expression of it”.

Later, Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad responded to Tharoor’s remarks saying that he disrespected Lord Shiva and demanded apology from the Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi.

In response to Ravi Shankar’s remarks Tharoor said that remarks of RSS workers were in public domain for six years and Prasad is making it an issue.

Tharoor wrote on twitter, “This comment (not by me) has been in the public domain for six years. R.S. Prasad making an issue of a six-year-old quote shows how little new the BJP has to offer the nation”.

Tharoor also twitted the article that was published in ‘The Caravan’ in 2012 in which remarks of an RSS worker were quoted.

In another tweet Tharoor said that he worship Shivling at home and have and carry a miniature Shivling in his pocket. He tweeted, “And while you’re about it, could you explain where the alleged insult lies? I worship a Shivling at home & carry a miniature Shivling in my pocket daily. Insulting Lord Shiva is unthinkable for me. But exploiting him for petty politics is apparently OK for you”.

Earlier Tharoor have said that no good Hindu would want to see a temple built at the Babri mosque site. He said, “While a vast majority of Hindus believe that Ayodhya was the birthplace of Lord Ram, no good Hindu would want to see a Ram temple built by demolishing somebody else’s place of worship”.

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