Need to curb social media to combat radicalisation: Army Chief Bipin Rawat

Army Chief Bipin Rawat Wednesday said there is a need to curb social media as it is becoming a source of spreading radicalisation through misinformation and falsehood.

“Radicalisation through social media is becoming one of the reasons for raising funds for terrorist organisations,” he said.

Speaking at the Raisina Dialogue 2019, the Army Chief said through social media, the youth are convinced that “there is sense” in what the terrorists are doing. Adding that “media and social media must be first controlled” to stop the spread of radicalisation through misinformation about religion.

Rawat further said that if “any particular nation” attempts to control social media, it is accused of “curbing the rights…suppressing the media,” urging the international community to come together to fight against it.

Radicalisation has taken a different route in Jammu and Kashmir where youth is being fed misinformation about religion, becoming a form of warfare. “That is why you find more and more educated youth being drawn into terrorism,” he further said.

In a reference to Pakistan, Rawat said terrorism would prosper if it is sponsored by the state. “Terrorism is here to stay as long as there are nations that continue to sponsor it as state policy,” he said, adding that Pakistan keeps Taliban “in its backyard”.

“Pakistan has always treated Afghanistan as its backyard and they have always been concerned about it. They would always want a situation in Afghanistan that is more favourable to them. Even if it means speaking to the devil, they will do it. When you have to talk to terrorists or any organisation of that kind (Taliban). You have to talk without preconditions. Yes, there should be talks with the Taliban so long as they are looking lasting peace in Afghanistan, it is in the interest of the region, Pakistan and as well as India,” General Rawat asserted.


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